How Does The CSA Work

This weeks box 01-18-2014

Join The CSA Now

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) simply said, is a partnership between farmers and the people who buy the farmers’ produce. The idea behind CSA is to provide you with nutrient dense, in season, all natural produce. Produce that is grown with intention, while allowing us, the farm, to make a living growing food on the land.

How Does It Work?

Our CSA program can be best described as a subscription for fresh local produce. When you sign up, you will choose your first pick up date. You will also receive directions and pick up details for your chosen location. You will then begin to pick up a box of diverse fruits and vegetables every week, or every other week, depending on the delivery option you choose.

How And When Do I Get My Box?

All of our pick up sites are hosted at the residences of some wonderful individuals who are members as well as volunteer hosts. Customers love the self serve pick up process that we have set up at the homes. It is quick, easy, and convenient.

Pick up off of Magnolia in Santee happens Thursday from 11:30 am til dark

Pick up day at Alder Ave in Kensington is Thursday 11:30 am til dark

Pick up day at 9th Avenue in Del Mar is Thursday noon to dark

What Can I Expect In My Box?

Diversity! From apples to zucchini, we have over 500 diverse food trees in production throughout the season. We have three large gardens in production at all times. We also occasionally trade excess tree crops with our neighbor farm in Ramona for their wonderful organic field crops to help fill the gaps between the seasons. We have avocados almost year round.

What Else Can I Expect By Being A CSA Member?

#1.  A weekly newsletter that connects you to everything going on around the farm and in the fields. The newsletter includes recipes that are specific to the food in the box that week. Some recipes we copy from the internet. But a bunch are ours and many are contributed by CSA members.

#2.  The opportunity to get involved in your food, and to truly eat what is in season, as well as a license to get creative in the kitchen.

#3.  The chance to get your hands dirty at least four times a year at our quarterly CSA member and family work parties.

#4.  An opportunity to defy the industrial food system, say “no!” to conventional agribusiness, and vote with your dollar.

How do I pay?

Boxes cost $28.00.

Almost all CSA in San Diego charge a one time processing fee. We are happy to say that we do not charge a processing fee upon sign up.  You can sign up and be a part of our CSA by purchasing as little as four boxes, for a price of $119.00 including delivery fees.

You will first need to choose from one of our pick up locations.

Then choose the weekly or bi-weekly option.

You can order as few as four boxes and up to an entire years worth of CSA.  We want everyone to be able to participate in our CSA. That is why we offer subscriptions with as little as four boxes with no commitment beyond that.

Be aware that there are discounts for purchasing more boxes at a time.

Please Contact the Farm if you are interested in purchasing a larger amount than four shares.

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