Farm to Face Herbal Medicine Making Class at Blue Sky Ranch. Saturday June 25th, 2017 10:30 am to 1 pm

Come and join the farm to face revolution! Blue Sky Ranch is proud to be hosting our first in a series of total immersion classes that pay special attention to the importance of using only the freshest ingredients for making safe and highly effective plant based medicines for the wellness of our own bodies and of those we love. The herb farm crew at Blue Sky Ranch will be opening up the land on June 25th, from 10:30 am to 1pm for anyone interested in stepping into our evolving process of honoring, growing, harvesting and preparing our upcoming line of tinctures, salves and beauty cremes.

medicine goddes

The class will be held on the land at Blue Sky Ranch in the southern herb gardens. And will be facilitated by Blue Sky Ranch herb farm members Taj Chaffin, Nate Bazydlo and Kelly Gillotti. Among a handful of herbs and fruits, we will be working with on this day, you will have an opportunity to meet and learn how to harvest the mighty Calendula. Our flagship herb. What a plant! You will receive instruction while helping prepare the herbs for drying. You will also get to help prepare some of the herbal tinctures we are using in our face creams. You will participate in our process of infusing whole plants for oil infusions for our salves and cremes. Many of our finished products will also be available for sample and purchase. It is a totally different experience to sample a product after you have been playing and communing with it’s main ingredients throughout the day!

permaculture class

This class is for anyone from the experienced herbalist to the individual who knows nothing about herbs and farming. And is just curious.  At the close of the day, we will all gather in the meditation garden for  some inspiring closing words from Ingrid Coffin, the founder of Blue Sky Ranch. This is always a treat. And for the piece de resistance, if the Calendula is is in the right mood, which we expect he will be, prepare yourself for a live musical performance from the star of the day. We are in possession of a rare midi device that syncs with a system that measures impedances between the root and leaf of a plant and turns those changing impulses into live music. To learn a little more about music of the plants go here This will definitely be something that you will want to stay to the end for.


Cost of the class is 35 dollars for the early birds. Regular price on the day of the event is 45 dollars. Upon signing up, you will receive a class welcome, directions and a more detailed description of the class.

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