This Weeks Share 5

Here is What we are eating this week

Head Lettuce
Wild arugula
Summer Squash
Long Beans
Baby Bok Choy

I like a lot about long beans. As a grower, I appreciate that they are easy to harvest as they are grown on a fence or trellis so you are able to simply stand and drop them in a basket as you pull them from the vine. They are durable and they last long. As an eater, I love that they have no string, they are easy to cook and due to the fact that they are about a foot long, It only takes a few beans to make a quick individual side dish.

If you want some beans with your eggs and a dollup of yogurt for breakfast, saute beans, garlic and tomato in coconut oil. Add curry powder, a squeeze of lemon. If you want to get even richer and decadent, add a few tbsp of coconut milk and basil. Slice a grapefruit and sit down for the best breakfast. You can do the same recipe with chard instead of beans. I experience a unique blend of pride, gratitude grace and joy when my first meal of the day is something this simple yet special. Not a lot of people get to eat like we do. So I try an make it special whenever I can.

Grilled Bok Choy with Lemon Sauce

Japanese Yam Fries

Squash is here, tomatoes are close. Cucumbers little tendrils are beginning to climb the fence. Peppers are close. Eggplant too. Basil is here and getting more abundant.
The garden looks good

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