This Weeks CSA 4/30/2020

Here is what we are eating today

Oro Blanco grapefruit


Salad head or salad mix


Storage onion

Storage winter squash


Eureka and Pink lemons

Winter squash will be Acorn, Butternut or Spagheti. We are almost out of these for the season. Fortunately, we have this new seasons crop in the ground already. We sowed some interesting french varieties this year. We can’t wait to start roasting those.

The citrus in this weeks share came from Blue Sky Ranch. As many of you know, I used to run the CSA on that land. Just like here, Blue Sky has pristine deep water wells and they practice all natural regenerative farming practices. They grow some of the most vital food in San Diego and we are super privileged to have it.  This week, we added a few sprigs of lavander officionalis. This Lavander is not just the ornamental and aromatic variety. This particular cultivar is medicinal grade. Feel free to look up lavender benefits on your own. To generalize, I’m just going to tell you that it is noticeably soothing and relaxing. There are hundreds of lavender lemonade recipes. Sometimes, to start with a simple syrup is nice. I like this recipe, it makes a small batch and muddles the lavender instead of heating.

I was looking for a pic of some lavender in the farm archives. Turns out, this is Pride of Madera. Oh well. Tocayo looks cute anyway.

A couple things about soup and salves. The salves are a product that came out of a series of herb classes we did called Farm to Face. Everyone knows the benefit of farm to fork. But we wanted to raise the awareness about the benefits of growing the medicines you use in your herbal products. Hence “Farm to Face”! This Calendula salve has proven the most useful and practical preparation to come out of that series. It is an all around owie balm for kids. It is great for sunburn, diaper rash, chapped lips and really, just any kind of lubrication. My hands are in the dirt daily, so it acts as kind of a bag balm for me. We were thinking that with all the hand sanitizing happening, folks might appreciate some relief. Just rub it into your hands at night before bed. As for the soups, they are mostly excess veggies from the farm. It is vegan and low salt.

We have a handful of new folks. So, I want to mention some mundane stuff.

#1 We only field wash our veggies. We do not clean them. We feel that the more time we spend growing food, the better.  So wash that lettuce well.

#2 Sometimes, we put a very small amount of something in each persons share. Or we might even put partially damaged items in your share. Why? Here is why. We are not a food aggregator. We are a farm. We grow most of what you get. I don’t think it is up to me to decide if you are going to want to use something or not. I would rather you get everything we have available and then you decide. I hope that makes sense. We don’t want to impress you. We want to feed you!

#3 If you are signed up and receiving shares at a location, you are in total control of your account. You can put a share on hold, make a payment and you can check to see when your next share is scheduled for. Of course, we are always happy to help if you have a question or are not sure about something. Always feel free to go to your account first if possible

#4 If you don’t like what you are seeing in the shares, give it a month or two. The variety is always changing. We are about to start getting heavy with the green stuff. Chard, Kale, Bok Choy etc…And summer stuff is already in ground. Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers and melons are all growing now.

#5 Starting next week, please bring back any mason jars and rings you have lying around. We love doing the soups. So bring what you have and we will put a crate at each pick up location.

Thanks for the opportunity to catch up a bit. We are super grateful to be able to continue to work so that you guys can get something made with love and intention right now. I consider myself very privileged. Rachel and I are holding a point for a time soon, when all of you who want can come down to the farm for a visit when the farm stand is able to open back up.


Until then, eat well.

The Farm

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