This Weeks CSA Share 11/21/2019

Farm Stand is Open Tomorrow 9:30 til 2pm

Good morning. Here is what is in the CSA shares this week.

Butter Lettuce
Bell Peppers
Pumpkin Squash
Green tomatoes


The tomatoes aren’t the prettiest in late November. They still beat the pants off what you can get at the store. For halfway ripe tomatoes, put them in a paper bag in the warmest part of the kitchen to ripen up.

We added a few green tomatoes to the bags. The idea of making fried green tomatoes was intimidating to me. Growing up in California and having no southern influences in my life, the first reference to fried green tomatoes I ever experienced was in the name of the movie. Honestly, I thought the idea of frying green tomatoes was a joke until a few years ago.

Now, I have them a couple times in spring before the first tomatoes ripen. Often, a new tomato plant will set more fruit than you know it can mange to carry to ripeness. This makes for a fine excuse to prune a few bushes for a batch. I also have them a couple times in late fall, early winter when I know the plants will not be around much longer and that the first frost will likely damage the remaining green fruit.

Choose a simple fried green tomato recipe online and as long as you follow the recipe, you will be very satisfied. If you have some experience making fried green tomatoes, here is a most decadent and creative truly southern Recipe.

Bell Pepper Babaganoush

Jalapeno Persimmon jam
Lacto Soda
Fermented Spicy Ketchup
Beet Kvaas
Fermented Olives
Plum preserve
Sour Kraut
Fermented gardiniera
Mango salsa
Chow Chow
Pomegranate Meade made by Greg and Cass at Alpine Ranch

Like I said, I wish I could spend hours sharing our ferment and preserve recipes. If i did that, I wouldn’t have time to provide the food. And that is where I think my best talent lies. Hopefully, you might get an idea and look into it. Fermenting is such a satisfying way to process excess CSA food. Nancy does a fermented foods class at the main farm house at Alpine Ranch. I promise to give everyone a heads up when she schedules her next class.






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