This Weeks CSA 10/3/2019

Farm Stand Is Open TOMORROW Saturday 5th 9:30 til 2pm

Passion Fruit close to being ready!

Here is what is in the CSA this week.

Golden Honeydew Melon


White Sapote

Big Eggplant


Butternut Squash or Spaghetti Squash or Sucrine Du Berry or Delicata

Bell Peppers

Bag of Chile Peppers, Tomatillos and Green Tomatoes for Roasting


Summer Squash

Now is a most energetic time of year. Crippling heat has subsided. We can once again do more than simply water the garden and sweat while harvesting copious amounts of summer produce. We move into action. Early fall season in southern California is a magical time where a farmer can do almost anything. The greenhouse is full. We replace tired out Squash and Tomato plants with rows of young baby Bok Choy and Lettuce. We seed Broccoli and Candy Cane Beets while still harvesting Jalapenos and Melons from the current production field. Spring holds a hand while summer reaches through the membrane of fall to caress winters coat. The circle completes here.  The snake eats its tale. If summer is bounty, Fall is wholeness.

I want to tell you about three new items you might have received and maybe have been wanting to know more about.

Rachel found the Rampicante Squash seeds on the Baker Creek website. This Squash is an old world Italian variety. Rampicante is basically a cross between a summer squash and a winter squash. It’s slightly orange inside like a Butternut and is prepared like a summer squash.  This squash is so rare that I have found no recipes online. It works in any summer squash recipe. It’s firmer and nuttier than regular summer squash.

White Sapote is a soft tropical fruit that ripens like an avocado does. There used to be a video of a seemingly normal person giving an informative review of the White Sapote on Youtube. That video appears to have been removed. Apparently, one must be at least, slightly bizarre and moderately eccentric in order to have a White Sapote video up on Youtube. Here is the least bizarre and eccentric video I could find. Watch as he eats a pile of Sapote off the back of his little car! For those of you who have not met me, I am kidding. They are all funny and cute videos. This one is short and to the point. He describes it well.

Sucrine Du Berry is another rare Italian Squash from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. We are extremely pleased with the flavor and texture of the pumpkin like flesh. We have done a blended Thai Curry soup. We made on desert style with honey and Creme Fraiche. Now that Halloween is around the corner, we will wait a few weeks until the persimmons come in and we will make a persimmon pumpkin pie with Sucrine Du Berry.

We put a brown bag in your CSA this week. Its a lot of what you need to make a stellar roasted pepper salsa

From the top left- Chimayo-Hatch-Jalapeno-Poblano
From Bottom left- Cayenne-Tomatillo-Green Tomato

The Cayenne and Jalapeno are hot. The Chimayo and Hatch are medium. The Poblano are mild to medium

Peel the Tomatillos, slice the green tomatoes, cut an onion and place everything on a baking pan with a few cloves of garlic. If you want to roast a red or yellow tomato and a few bell peppers from your CSA bag, go ahead. Turn on the broiler and broil until everything is good and blistered. Turn everything over and do it again. Let everything cool and then pull off as much skin from the peppers as you can. Its no biggie if a few of the peppers don’t want to give up the skin. Do not spend too long on one pepper. Definitely take your time to get all the skin off the Hatch peppers. Hatch skin is super thick and waxy. The rest just add texture and complexity. Some folks don’t remove the skins at all.  Remove as many seeds as possible but don’t fret over a few.

Here is what my first batch of roasted salsa looked like. The next batch had more peppers and I burnt everything a little more. Don’t be afraid to burn the veggies a little bit. The flavor is amazing.

Once your roasted veggies are cool. You can either put them in a blender or you can chop them finely. We chose to chop finely. Then, we put everything in a bowl and we added sea salt, lime, cumin powder and dried oregano.

Have you ever just thought you couldn’t do something and you never even asked yourself why? Roasted Pepper Salsa was one of those things for me. For some reason, I thought I needed some kind of fancy barrel roaster like they have at the fair. This style of salsa has never been my favorite to eat from the store. It’s my favorite to make at home now.

There is a middle eastern stew that you can make and it uses over half the items in the bag. We make it vegetarian. I am sure it would love some lamb or beef as well.

In your favorite cooking oil, saute big chunks of Eggplant, Zucchini, Onion, Tomato, Bell Pepper. Steam a few peeled potatoes on the side. Once the veggies are browned, add the chunked steamed potatoes. Pour in veggie or beef stock. Add chopped parsley. Sprinkle in some curry powder or 7 spice. If you prefer more of an Italian stew, chop in some fresh basil and a few dashes of balsamic vinegar. Want a french stew? Try herbs de provence. Warning!!! THIS IS COMFORT FOOD. Serve with salad and Ciabatta, Pita or Baguette.



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