This Weeks CSA Share and Farm Stand Hours

Here is what is in the CSA this week

Beautiful big beets with perfect greens for saute
Spring onions
Bag of large leaf arugula
Red Russian Kale
A few mini butterhead type lettuce

The hot fire of a grill does certainly bring out the earthy sweetness of a beet. This weeks beets are a good size for grilling.

The celery we grew this spring is super aromatic and strong in flavor. Wonderful for a soup or roasting or chopping up for fresh eating in salads. Not so wonderful as a raw stick to be used as a delivery system for say, peanut butter or hummus. Commercial growers use tubes that they put over the celery in order to blanch the lower stems. This results in a less nutritious product. It also increases bug and insect problems. Since we don’t use insectiside and our intention is to provide nutrition that cannot be acquired through a regular grocery store, we grow our celery like we do.  We tried this celery soup recipe with some basil. Yum!

The Farm Stand will be open today Saturday 9:30 til 2 pm

We will have everything we had last week. We might pull some peppers.

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