This Weeks Food 6/7/2019

The farm stand will be open Saturday from 9:30 til 2 pm. We will be digging up some fingerling potatoes, a variety of summer squash, lots of lettuce and a variety of other fresh vegetables and herbs. Come on down and load up or text ahead. We will pick it for you.

Harbinger….{A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another}. When you’ve farmed continuously for over a decade, all that there is consists of a chain of harbingers. Holding hands across the seasons from one point, around and back to the same point, and around again, and again. Can you guess what this lonely sun golden cherry tomato is a harbinger of?

If you guessed this, you are probably not too far off. Early cherry tomatoes tend to indicate a heavy fruit set for the main tomato crop in the garden. A good tomato year would be just fine with me.

Cucumbers are just about to blossom. There won’t be fruit for a few weeks. The summer squash is finally blowing up. We have some new varieties this year. We also have some volunteer crosses that came out nice. Peppers don’t do much in the ground until right about now. The warmth of this last week has them blossoming and making tiny fruit. We are particularly excited about a hybrid pepper we decided to grow. It is called Big Jim. Its basically an improved Hatch Chili that can get a foot long. Imagine the peppers you see being roasted at the fair. These are those but a little bigger.  Folks really liked all the Poblanos last year. We also Jalapenos and a few other peppers this year. The butternuts are way ahead this year. They are already growing fruit. Spaghetti and Delicatta are just getting started. We also planted Blue Hubbard and my favorite “Pink Banana”. Egplant might end up in the bags pretty soon too.

Here is the list of contents for this weeks CSA

Spring onions

Bunch of edible flowers

Big head of broccoflower


A few summer squash


Head of romaine

Head of green lettuce

Butternut Squash

Here is a recipe for Garlic Roasted Cauliflower with Summer Squash

Grilled Spring Onions

Cilantro Butternut Squash Soup

One last announcement. I wish I had more time to talk about how much I loved this film. I don’t think I have endorsed a farm film since I told people to watch “The Real Dirt On Farmer John”. That was probably 10 years ago. The Bigest Little Farm is playing at the Landmark now.


The farm stand will be open tomorrow 9:30 til 2 pm

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