What We Are Eating This Week 5/16/2019

Farm stand will be open Saturday 9:30 til 2pm tomorrow!!

Here Is what the CSA is eating this week.


Spring Onions

A few Baby Squash

Swiss Chard

Fennel Fronds

Purple Cauliflower or Broccolini

Bag of Red Leaf Lettuce Mix with Radish Sprouts

Multi Color Beets

Green Romain Lettuce

A few

A few months ago, we had unusual weather in Alpine. We have trays of vegetable starters at the farm. But I also care for starters at home. These starters were out in the open on a late February night and they got completely dusted with snow. Not having much experience with how to get compact snow off of tender baby plants, I did the best thing I could think of. Fortunately, we don’t have carpet in that room. Otherwise, Rachel probably wouldn’t have been laughing so hard when she saw how I was attempting to resuscitate the veggie babies in front of the fireplace.

I wanted to share this because I think it is funny and rare. But also, I think its important that you know that your food often goes through some extraordinary circumstances before it ends up on your plate. I once had an entire flat of seed grown heirlooms slide out of the back of the truck while on the way down to the farm. A nice couple saw the whole thing, quickly scooped them up and chased me down Alpine Blvd until they could get my attention.

The flat in the bottom front of the picture is the fennel in your share this week. So is the Romain right next to the fire. The spring onion too!

Fennel Frond Recipe for Pesto

Swiss Chard with Onions

We appear to be in the midst of some more unusual weather as of late. The farm stand been closed due to rain every 2nd or 3rd week since January. The weather report is calling for 5 days straight rain for Alpine starting Sunday. Once this unseasonable rains lets up for the summer, Our hours and days will be consistent again. Lets make the farm stand happen tomorrow ok?

We are going to open the farm stand tomorrow 9:30 til 2pm. We have all kinds of good stuff. We will also have a limited amount of summer squash and baby bok choy.

We hope to see you there.

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