This Weeks Share 4/25/2019

Above is a sneak preview of this weeks Vitality Kit!

Last weeks CSA was a little disappointing for me. The two most important things to me is that the share was smaller than usual. And we did not get a newsletter out. I always tell people that there will be times we don’t get the newsletter out. It was a busy week last week. We had extra duties. Plus, Rachel was out of town most of last week. We had some new members get their first share last week. I just wish things might had gone smoother. Now, we are back on track. I really like the looks of our share today!


Here is the list


Russet potato

Bunch wild arugula

Some giant lemons


Red and Curly kale bunch

Red and Iraqi chard bunch

Big head of red leaf lettuce

Spring onions

Bunch baby beets

Small bag broccoli

Medium turnip

Why baby  beets you ask?? Well, this time of year, the soil is warm enough that we do not have to start the beets in the greenhouse. We can direct seed them in the rows. When you direct seed, you sow more seeds than you need in order to not have gaps in your row. When the plants get big enough, you thin out a portion of the plants in order to give each beet the room it needs to grow. That is how and why we end up with baby beets.

We would like to suggest a roasted root vegetable dish for this weeks share. Here is a basic recipe posted in the NY Times
The recipe is simple and easily altered.

If one intended to keep things simple this week, they might make a big salad with Arugula and Radichio. Then they might make a nice pot of cooked garlicky greens with the chard and Kale. The rest of the items appear to qualify for the veggie roast. Except maybe the broccoli. But broccoli is an easy one. It’s just my opinion. But if eggs could choose their favorite vegetable and cheese, it would be Parmesan and broccoli of course!

Have a great week.



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