This Weeks CSA Share 4/11/2019

Take a good look at the above image of tomatoes. Close your eyes and hold the image in your mind and say YES! You’re looking at a picture of a single weeks haul of tomatoes from the best tomato year the CSA ever had. Following that season, we had a couple disappointing tomato years. Then, we had a couple average years. Last year was a pretty good year even though we were late getting planted. For those two bad years after that first bumper tomato crop, I fervently and passionately gave a weekly play by play on the progress of the seasons tomato crop. As if somehow my display of concern and intention could somehow magically put sauce in your freezers or canned fruits on the shelves. Now, don’t think we didn’t have tomatoes. We did. But the work and time in didn’t match the output. My feeling is that if you aren’t complaining about what to do with all the tomatoes in your CSA bag by late August, I’ve failed. You see, to me, an overflowing tomato harvest seems to represent everything magical, jubilant and bountiful about the summer season. They are voluptuous and generous. A fat beef stake tomato symbolizes the image of cups running over.

A tomato starts off as a wee yellow flower. After a visit from a bee or two it gives way to a little green marble. The stem above the marble then grows hundreds of tiny clear hairs. These are called Trichomes and they have a very important job in protecting the plant. At the end of each of those glossy strands forms a tiny ball of essential oil. Within the essential oils are constituents that deter pests, and help resist disease. Eventually, the stem, leaves and fruit are covered with these essential oils. They form a barrier to bacterial, fungal, and viral infection in addition to trapping water and reducing evaporation. How thoughtful, wouldn’t you say?

Now, there’s one more likely constituent suspended in that mysterious essential oil on the end of the trichome. And that constituent has properties that impart a particular intoxicating effect on human beings. This particular action I am describing hasn’t been exactly proven scientifically. But I have it on good authority that this “Ambrosia Fragrante De Tomates” manifests a maternal and almost hypnotic affect on humans of the gardening type. Granted, I cannot prove these things I am telling you about. I can say this, I knows what I knows.

So for those of you who are new to the CSA, If you don’t hear much talk about the tomato progress in the next few months until July, Its not because we aren’t fully engaged in tomato projects. We’re not just engaged, we’re in undivided and attentive service. My PC doesn’t do Emojis. But the heart one goes here *

There are a lot of green things in this weeks share. Lots of salad Chard and Kale

When the shares are greens rich, I always try to remind folks about making pesto with chard and chips with the kale. To simply saute all these greens might be kind of tough for some.

I think this bunch of Brussel sprout leaves is going to fun to cook with.

We made our bunch of Brussel sprout leaves the same way I make our Brussel sprouts. Chopped and sauteed with garlic and tomato with a little Parmesan and a shot of wine or beer if you have it. I expect that any Brussel sprout recipe will convert just fine. Enjoy

Here is the list…

Eureka Lemon

Bunch Carrot

Russet Potato

Ruby Chard

Spring Onion with glorious greens

Curly Kale

Brussel Sprout Leaves

Lemon Verbena

Broccoli Sprouts

Lil Gem Lettuce Heads

Salad Spring Mix with edible flowers.

Here is a Quiche we made about two weeks ago. It did have turnips and they were wonderful. Unfortunately, we didn’t get turnips in the share this week. The quiche did have broccoli, spring onions, carrots and chard. All of which are in the share this week. Like soup, quiche is a great catch all meal for using as many vegetables as possible in one dish. These days, google is so good with finding recipes that all one needs to do is type in the list of vegetables they might like in the dish and then just type “quiche” at the end. Try it. You’ll see!

Sunday projects yesterday. Have you noticed the days getting bigger and longer? Don’t you just love love this side of the equinox?

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