This Weeks CSA Share 2/7/2019

Red, Russet and Yellow potato
A few Sprigs of fresh Dill
Cherry Belle and French Breakfast radish
Italian “Dino” kale
Swiss chard
Small bunch of parsley
Loose leaf Iceberg lettuce
Loose blend of 4 lettuce varieties with edible Calendula added for visual “bling”.

It’s not the biggest share of the year. It isn’t the smallest either. This weeks share is super fresh and full of vitality.

Grandma used to buy only iceberg lettuce. When I was a kid, it seems like that was all there was to choose from in many grocery stores. Iceberg, straight home from the store in its tight plastic mesh wrapping was not visually impressive. I remember having to peel off the first few outer leaves and throw them away due to their extreme limpness.  Indelible in the senses is a feeling of repulsion at the sight of the oxidative rust that would form on the areas where the bleach white lettuce ribs had cracked for some time. My grandma’s idea of dressing was Best Foods mayonnaise. Go ahead. It’s okay to cry. I know I did a few times. Toppings included one of those light pink tomatoes. Chopped up and hard as a rock with the faintest expression of the remembrance of a semi good yet still mostly nominal tomato that I might have had once from a time before. I could go on.

This is organic Iceberg growing on our farm. Iceberg is a completely different entity when grown with care and intention. We have been harvesting the dark green outer leaves every few days in order to keep her from heading. some of the outer leaves are larger than a hand. We packed the loose outer leaves in your share in a way that the the leaves were not bent or damaged. We know they will make a great salad. But we think you will find them possibly superior to Romaine as a wrap. These leaves don’t just wrap. They roll!

This winter, I met the real Iceberg! And now, the world spins a little more smoothly. Its never to late to change the memories of the past with our choices and actions of the present.

We grow many varieties of vegetables that you cannot find in stores. They might not grow as fast. Maybe they are not suitable for shipping or whatever. It is important that everyone remember that we are not just growing food to be rebellious to the conventional food system or to be sure that our food has no chemicals. We are not simply doing this to adhere to the ideal of keeping things local or  just to promote community for that matter. And we certainly aren’t doing it for the money. Remember also, that we get to eat food that 99.99 percent of people cannot get if they tried. Imagine if you got to visit Noah’s ark. But you only visited the first floor. That’s what you get at the grocery store. First floor produce. I want to visit all 4 floors. I want to experience strange beasts of vegetables.

This weeks salad mix consists of 4 varieties. Red Oakleaf, Black Seeded Simpson, Lil Gem and Rouge. All 4 of these varieties are strangers to the grocery store. Welcome them. Know that you are eating a strange, over extravagant, fragile, misunderstood or simply forgotten beast of a vegetable.

As you all know, it rained most of last week. Veggies love the rain. But the splashing under their leaves makes them extra dirty. We wash off most of the dirt after harvest. But we only field wash. Please take a little more time to was the veggies this week.

Thank you.

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