This Weeks CSA Share

Here is what we are eating this week

Bok Choy
Young Chard
Meyers Lemons
Sweet Potato
Fuerte Avocado
Head Lettuce
Bunch Parsley
Candy Cane Beets
Low Heat Jalapenos

Beets and Sweets Recipe
This recipe for Chioga “Candy Cane” beets can easily be modified. If we had carrots in the share this week, they would definitely find their way in here as well. We have done this recipe and added bacon. We have also made a similar Beet and Sweet recipe with Meyer lemon Honey and Dill!

Sweet Potato and Kale Hash with a Fried Egg on top!!

Quick Pickle Jalapeno Recipe
We bought these jalapeno seeds as “Coolapeno” Supposedly, these peppers are the lowest heat Jalapeno available. I can certainly say that these peppers aren’t actually cool. But compared to some of the jalapenos we have grown, they are extremely mild in heat. We have been halving and removing the seeds. Then we use them just like a mildly spicy red or green bell pepper.

Fuerte Avocado is not nearly as common in the stores as Haas. I am glad we were able to get

Bok Choy….We made a simple sauce with one Meyers lemon, soy sauce and pepper. Put a little oil in the pan, start turning the Bok Choy over while drizzling sauce over it. When you think its half way done, cut the heat, slap a lid on it. If you want to get a little fancy with the sauce, you can add things like honey, fresh ginger or powder, crushed peppers, fish oil, cilantro etc….

Beet green recipe

I started out trying to make Babaganoush. But after roasting three small eggplant, in the oven, the flesh of the fruit shrank to the volume of less than 1/2 a cup. Still craving a creamy dip, we found a dusty can of chick peas in the back of the pantry. Roasted Eggplant Hummus

These Meyers Lemons are special. We can buy organic, local lemons from Blue Sky Ranch almost anytime. Meyers have a season. And it is upon us. These fruit are getting harder and harder to find in the store. I saw some at the Barrons Grocery Store in Alpine today. But they were small and kind of old looking. They also were not organic.


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