This Weeks Produce Share 11/01/2018

Here is what we are eating this week….

Hachia Persimmons. These Need To Get Soft Before You Eat Them!

Butternut Squash or a hunk of Sweet Pumpkin   This recipe is somewhat detailed. There are easier versions online. There are also recipes for squash tomato pasta sauce. Butternut and this Pumpkin are interchangeable in any recipe. If you want to sweeten up the soup, blend in some Hachia Persimmon and top it with pomegranate

We get a handful of amazing Pomegranates this week

Bok Choy

Lemon Verbena Herb There are so many uses for this plant. We smash up a few leaves and put it in our water. The flavor is soo pleasant. Some people make a house cleaner with it. It goes well in fruit salad. And it is a good substitute for lemon grass in soups and curries. If you want to save your Lemon Verbena, sit the bunch of herbs on the butcher block for a few days. It dries easily.

Parsley  We made a Tabouli Salad with Farrow, Lime, Oil, Balsamic, Tomato, Parsley, and Zucchini this week!! Yum.

Massive amount of Tomatoes.

Lots of Limes Check out some of the Herb and Lime Ice Cubes Online. Lemon Verbena and Lime Loooove each other in an ice cube. I suggest the recipes that use an infusion tea of lemon Verbena.

Dyno Kale


There are a lot of starter plants going in the ground this week. We should get some lettuce very soon. Spinach is right around the corner. Lots of beets, carrots, kohlrabi, cauliflower, dill, coriander, sprouting broccoli and especially sugar snap peas in the ground now. I am very looking forward to the snap peas. They are always a crowd pleaser.

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