This Weeks Share 10/3/2018

According to my favorite tree in all of Alpine, it is now, officially fall. And that’s good enough for me. Time to plant broccoli and all that other wonderful green stuff we have been missing. Thanks for the heads up dead tree! We shall be dining on Bok Choy, Microgreens and Romanesco Broccoli in no time.

Between the giant red Amaranth and these Sunflowers, you are never alone in the garden.

Blank slate….77ftx4ft of Alpines finest sandy, clay loam amended with worm castings, compost, kelp, rock dust, two smidgens of love, an ounce of hope, two tablespoons of gratitude, a swear word or two, three tears and a “woohooo!”, upon completion. Over the years, it has become abundantly clear to this farmer why he is not living in a mansion and driving a Ferrari. For good and for worse, this fecund and fertile lump of infinite earthy potential moves my gut and my heart like no bag of money ever could! So there you go.

I am so happy about this years tomato crop. We have had some good years in the past. But, we have gotten our ass kicked more times than I care to reminisce. I used to talk up the tomato crop and all the stuff I was doing to ensure that we would have a good crop that season. This year, I said nothing. This year was a good year. The tomatoes are just now peaking. Get ready to do some canning or freezing. Because, this weeks bag is loaded with tomato fruit. The image above is an heirloom called, Black Krim. Everyone got at least two in their share this week. She is sweet, smokey and salty. She is art in motion and music to my ears.

In all this summer heat, we finally got a small patch of lettuce to come up. Thanks for your patience. Honestly, We were going through lettuce withdrawls. The heads are small and a little bitter. But they are lettuce from the farm and they are good.

Here is an awesome line up of 8 recipes for Chile Poblano. We had a great year with Poblanos. They are going to be around for months still to come. We have stuffed them. We have sauteed them with eggs. But, We are looking forward to using a couple of these new recipes this week.

Limes are Back!! These are coming from our old growing grounds at Blue Sky Ranch. We are so pleased to still have access to the wonderful fruit being grown there. We also put a few Blue Sky Ranch Tangelos in the shares this week.

Here is the list of what is in the bag this week

Purple Basil
Butternut Squash
Hungarian Sweet Peppers.
Poblano Peppers
Red Romain Lettuce
Summer Squash
Massive amount of tomatoes
Lots of limes
Bell Peppers
Japanese Eggplant

Secret Spot #39 at Alpine Ranch

In case, you don’t know, or can’t remember, here is exactly what the broad side of a barn looks like….Can you hit it? Of course you can. Appreciate Yall!
You got the best food coming out of East County, if not all of San Diego. You got this. We got this. Have a great week!

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