This Weeks CSA 9-23-2017

The balanced and illustrious, effortlessly coordinated and heartbreakingly harmonious sky of the new fall. All it takes is a sleep and a morrow for her brush to not only remove any evidence of summer, but completely erase him from memory. As if there never even was.

Here is what we are eating this weekend

Lots of tomatoes
Summer Squash
Bouqet of three herbs…Dill, Basil and Chocolate mint.
Large bunch of Chard
Bag of mixed salad greens
Bag of jalapenos
Bell Peppers
Red grapefruit
Valencia orange
Honey crisp apple
Handful of eggs

They eat what we eat. And we eat what they eat. We have only had these birds since March 6th. And I am just beginning to understand the circle of life dance we are participating in here. They eat what we eat. Literally. They eat everything you see coming in the boxes plus more. Oversized zucchini or cucumbers? Give it to the girls. Leafy greens with holes or bugs? Give it to the girls. Cracked tomatoes. Definitely, the girls. I never knew chickens liked tomatoes so much. Aside from their regular grains, these girls eat more tomatoes than anything. And here is the curious thing, I feel like I can see the yolks getting redder! Is that crazy? I don’t know. But I eat em. And I like what I am getting.

We have been going through a diet change process on the farm. Cutting out carbohydrates from the diet has created some new habits and ways of looking at our food. Vegetables are more important than ever. And so are quality proteins. It is good to start from scratch with a new mind and a bit of curiosity. The fall shift can really help facilitate the taking in of new spirit to be braided into our daily habits.

I want to share a few efficient and practical things we have been doing with our CSA food. Then, I want to describe the most decadent thing we did all season. And it only involved a cauliflower, three eggs and an oven. We will introduce you to one of the best all natural beverage recipes on the planet. Lastly, I will share a few random recipes I stole off the internet for us.

Blended soups. I cannot say how many times I blended almost an entire CSA bag into 2 gallons of soup. One time, I did everything but a bag of lettuce and a pomegranate. The pomegranate did end up sprinkled on top of the creamy soup though!

Just by looking at the picture of this weekends share, I can easily imagine cubing up the yellow squash and the apple and steaming them. While the squash and apple are steaming, saute a few bell peppers with some garlic and a couple jalapenos “if you like spicy”.  Put the steamed apple, squash and the steam water in a pot together with the sauteed veggies 4 quartered tomatoes, half of the raw chard and kale greens “chopped”. Put some basil and dill leaves in there too. Add some of your favorite type of broth and get it to a boil. Bring it down and let it lightly boil for 10-15 minutes. Turn it down to warm and stick an immersion blender in there and blend away until you get desired consistency. If you want it more creamy, add a can of coconut milk. Or just add heavy creme. it is up to you. If you have some leftover cooked cauliflower or potato from last weeks share, throw those in there and blend them up too. Both potato and cauliflower make great soup thickeners without changing the flavor of the soup.

Why do we put so many greens in the CSA share? Because the architect of this world we live in, saw fit to endow leafy greens with the ability to pull nutrients from the earth, chelate and prepare those nutrients in a way that only a plant can do. The plants continue to this in a way that guys in lab coats have not come close to in their labs with their expensive pills. It is really simple. EAT YOUR GREENS! No matter what, no matter how. EAT THEM! We will repeat this message in about three months.

Here is a good chard pesto recipe. We like to add basil to this one.

If you have not eaten last weeks melon, pull that sucker out. Because you are not going to want to miss this cooling beverage. I am sure you can find a more precise recipe online, but here is what we do. You can take it from there. chop the flesh only of a melon. Any melon. It does not matter. Watermelon gives the most water though. Add the chunks of melon to the blender. If you have 4 cups of fruit, add 4 cups of water to the blender and so on. Blend until the melon is completely mush. Pour the contents of the blender through the strainer. What you have now is super delicious and nutritious melon water. It is probably sweet enough. But you can add a few drops of stevia or honey. A dash if lime is nice if you like. Mottle the chocolate mint leaves and put them in a teabag and place it at the bottom of a pitcher with the melon water. Stick it in the fridge. Warning…This beverage is frighteningly invigorating. People have been known to drink too much. I have received reports of individuals accidentally pulling car doors off the hinges. Be careful.

Fresh Tomato Vinaigrette

Loosen your belt and drop all judgements. Check out this recipe if you are into pure pleasure. This recipe came about when we were looking for new ways to cook all these eggs we have been getting. It turns out that there is a really simple way to make amazing hollandaise sauce. It requires a stick blender though. If you do not have one, you are going to have to whip it. Turns out that hand whipping is pretty easy too.

Separate three yolks and keep them in a small dish. Put 2/3 of a stick of butter in a sauce pan and start warming it. Put a pinch of salt, squeeze of lime and a few drops of vinegar in the bottom of a wide mouth mason jar. Dropp the egg yolks in the jar. Insert the stick blender and start to blend as you slowly add the liquid butter. It is fast and easy.

Next, we need the perfect “slave” to the hollandaise. Enter Cauliflower……

Our “slave to Hollandaise” candidate has been presteamed and then brushed lightly with butter. Then it gets a light drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of smoked paprika. Stick it on the broil rack and get it good and caramelized. Above is our candidate right before taking the hollandaise bath. Things got a little frenzied and blurry after this point. We forgot to take a picture of the gooey sauce allover the crispy, chewy cauliflower head. Okay, truth is, we really did not care about much of anything but pleasure at this point.


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