This Weeks Box 9/3/2017

Enjoying a less rare and very local eclipse.

Lettuce is coming back! It has been such a mild summer this year, that we have been able to seed and grow a few rows of lettuce during a part of the season when this is usually not possible. We should see lettuce in the boxes in a few weeks.

We are already seeding fall crops in hopes that we do not get many more heat waves in the next month and a half. It would be nice to move straight into fall foods without experiencing a gap in production…. In farming, we always attempt to do the footwork for the best possible scenario. Every effort we put forth does not always work out. But at least we were prepared for the best outcome to manifest.

Meet Seagull and Pigpen. These girls are rescue birds. We took them in a couple months ago, when their owner could not stop the rooster from pecking them incessantly. They are recovering very well in their own private two bedroom apartment. Seagull is missing almost half her feathers. Pigpen, she lost a few less feathers than her sister. We have been using the calendula salve on their sun exposed areas with good results. We hope that they can fully feather out again after molting season. In two months, their egg quality has improved greatly. They now have shells as hard and yolks as yellow as the other girls. They are laying everyday. If you get a medium to large, light blue egg from us, it came from Seagull or Pigpen.

Can you guess why her name is Pigpen?………Disgustingly cute!

Here is what is in the bag this week.

Sugar Kiss Melon
Bel Peppers
Carrots Bunch
Large Tomatoes
Cherry Tomatoes
Bunch of Chard or Kale Greens
Multi Color Beets
Handful of multi color Chicken Eggs
Summer Squash

Baked ratatouille

I usually wait as long as possible to bring out the Rattatouli Recipe  until later in the summer season. Why, you ask? because it is so damn simple. And after a long season of being creative, it is nice to pull out a recipe that uses half the bag and is extremely versatile

Grilled Peaches with Basil and Black Pepper


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