Here is what we were eating in late April

Inline image 2


vietnamese spinach

breakfast radish



thai basil

bosc pear

green beans

bag of mixed salad greens

yellow straightneck squash

bag of young chard or young kale

Good morning. early spring is one of the best times to eat your greens raw. As the season continues and the weather warms up, chard, kale. spinach etc can get a little “gamey”. The kale and the chard are brand new. Here are a few raw salad ideas if you feel like getting a little fancy. If not, a shot of oil and a squeeze of lime should do you wonderfully.

Inline image 1
We make a version of this soup with thai basil and acorn substituted for butternut. Trust me. It works. Blend that yellow squash in their too if you want more volume.

Vetnamese spinach or “Malobar” spinach seems like a cross between spinach and one of the asian “choy” varieties. We did not grow this. We picked this up from a neighbor who grows it organically. It has been in the cooler for two days. So, it is a few days older than all your other greens. Please take this in consideration.

One of our favorites is a simple stir fry with coconut oil, garlic ginger and oyster sauce. Maybe a pinch of crushed peppers. And then dumped on top of some sticky rice…Yum.

Just treat it like regular spinach though. You will not be disappointed if you do. You could even blend it into your squash curry soup.

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