This Weeks Box 9-24-2016


Good morning from the ranch! Here is what we are eating this week>>>

Pomegranate…These are early season they are a little bit hit and miss. Most of the fruit we sampled were ruby red inside. But some were still only pink. Still good, but more tart than sweet. We could not wait though. So, let’s get the pomegranate party started.

Summer Squash…Everyone got a mexican squash. Those are the green and white striated ones. Plus, we put a few small zuch’s, crooknecks or yellows in the bag too.

Oranges…These sweet little babies are still hanging on. The rains surely did them some good. We will serve them as long as we have them. Who knows how long this run is going to last!!

Acorn SquashHere is a traditional recipe We got these from one of our Partners in Ramona.

Limes…We think we have some of the best limes in San Diego.  Next time you are in your favorite Mexican Restaurant, mention us. We will be happy to talk to them about getting our limes in their kitchens.

Asian pear
…juicier and sweeter. Compliments of the season.

Bell peppers…One of my favorite shoulder season veggies. They start late in the summer and hang on laet into fall when most of the other summer stuff has stopped



Romaine Lettuce.  Soon, look forward to the more delicate cool weather lettuces.

Dinosaur Kale. Dinasour for sure. Our trusty Italian kale has been producing for over 9 months!!


Thanks on behalf of all the plants, humans and animals at the ranch for your constant thoughts of rain.

Pomegranate Pear Avocado Salad


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