This Weeks Box July 23 2016

tomatoes 2016

First tomatoes of the 2016 season…Let’s get this party started!!

Well. that 106 degree weather we had a few weeks ago, slowed us down a bit. But the tomatoes are finally rolling in. These are standard reds. “Hybrids”.. Not quite as colorful and complex as the heirlooms. But they are juicy. And packed full of a flavor that no grocery store can begin to match. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed growing and picking them for you!

Heirlooms on deck  “Mortgage lifter” tomato. Don’t worry you juicy gem, we know you are worth the wait.

The List
A few red tomatoes
Super sweet valencia oranges “fruit candy”! yum
Small green bell peppers
Beautiful green leaf or red leaf lettuce
Red onion
Large bunch of dyno and curly kale together in one bunch
Sprig of basil
“because the first tomatoes of the year must arrive with basil”!
Haas Avocado
Crookneck and green zucchini squash
Watermelon radish or turnip
“There is not enough of either to fill all the boxes. So half will get turnip. And half will get watermelon radish”.
Four herbs for making herbed lemonade… holy basil, mint, sage and lemon verbena
“Hales Jumbo” cantaloupe.

Colin and I are making this zucchini fritter recipe for the ranch members, for lunch this Sunday. We will make sure to let you know how it went. I rarely follow “exact” directions though, so, I am already envisioning some basil and red onion in our cakes.

Orange Basil Mojitos

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