Good morning from the ranch!

Here is what we are eating this week

bag of local black walnuts
meyers lemons
russet and gold potatoes
brown onion
bag of lettuce mix
passion fruit
I want everyone to think carrots. We have a handful of rows of carrots. And they are almost there. But I think they need some encouragement to plump up for picking. We have had a handful of new members sign up since we had carrots last. Well, you guys are really in for a treat when they do come in. Everyone. And even kids loves our carrots.

As you all know we are seriously in the process of getting into the tomato groove this spring. I just posted this image on my wall above my computer. These were some heirloom crosses from either 2014 or 2013 that we still have seeds from. Truly, some of the best tomatoes I ever tasted.

I’ll tell you a story about these magical tomatoes. One Saturday morning, we had just finished packing boxes for distribution. We had put about 10 tomatoes per CSA box! They couldn’t hold anymore. But we still had a whole extra crate of beautiful heirlooms with no home. Without really thinking, I asked Allyson, “our fearless driver”, if she could get these tomatoes out into the world. Somehow, anyhow. It did not matter. But these tomatoes needed to be eaten by people. So she did. That afternoon, I got a message from Nate and Jade, “fearless volunteers”, who told me that they just got back from their favorite neighborhood bar  and restaurant “Tiger Tiger”, in North Park. They told me that they met with the head chef “Sharon Labate” , and she was more than interested in buying all the tomatoes we could give her. So, I contacted her. And I told her I would send a few samples next Saturday.

The next day, I got the strangest message. It was Sharon. And she was raving about the wonderful tomato samples we sent her?! I really did not to make of her message. So, I just wrote it off for the time being. The following Saturday, I asked Allyson how her experience was in putting the case of tomatoes out into the world.  Unaware of Jade and Nates contact with The Chef in North Park, she told me that she had stopped by one of her favorite Bars in North Park for lunch. And she decided to unload the case of tomatoes on the chef at Tiger Tiger as a good gesture from Blue Sky Ranch! Sharon has since moved to Panama 66 in Balboa Park. And she is now a regular buyer. We are certainly looking forward to seeing our tomatoes on her menu again this summer. That would be a really nice thing indeed.

first batch of heirlooms ready for grafting this weekend. Exciting!

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