This Weeks Box 2/5/2016

foggy morning
Morning adorations to one of my favorite solar bodies! It never ceases to amaze me. The infinitely novel ways the sun continues kiss kiss our lucky hilltop every single morning. Just another day in an eternal love affair that never ever gets old.

This weeks box is a little lighter than the last. I am happy to welcome a few new arrivals.

Pink lemon

Kabocha Squash

Here is the list
oro blanco grapefruit
a younger salad mix from a fresh cut row of mesclun
gold nugget tangerines
zutano avocado
chard or kale
bunch of fresh lavander, sage and rosemary.
young broccoli shoots or baby bok choy
pink lemons

Fresh calendula is one of the healthiest things you can ingest It has a carroty, sweet flavor. Calendula and rosemary flowers are generously a part of the mesclun salad this week. Eat your medicine every day.
rosemary cat research fu

Every project day we have, there manifests about 20 minutes of complete silence. Where no one speaks or even thinks of speaking.

We’re ALWAYS! looking for recipes. Please do not think that your recipe is not good enough to share. Send em in.


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