This Weeks Box 12/31/2015

meyers lemons
cabbage head
fresh garlic
big russet potato
bag of salad mix
bunch of kale
bell pepper
big ugly beet
big haas avocado
brown onion
yellow caribe pepper “about as hot as a jalapeno”

Sometimes I look at a CSA box and ask myself, “is this a soup box, a salad box, an individual recipe box, or a burrito box?” I am thinking burrito this week. But maybe that is because I have been anticipating eating at Los Panchos since I got a gift certificate this Christmas.

Here is how breakfast went down this morning. We diced up the russet potato real fine and fried it in a few tablespoons of coconut oil. Then we chopped up 1/2 of the yellow pepper, 1/2 of the bell pepper,  1/3 of the brown onion and the whole zucchini. Sauteed those in a little oil as well. Mixed in the potatoes and seasoned the mix with some taco seasoning. Smeared the inside of a corn tortilla with a spoon-full of avocado, loaded it with the taco mix shredded a little bit of the cabbage over the top of the taco and added a few sprigs of cilantro on top. Added a squeeze of lime in each bite and spoonful of green salsa that we made with the tomatillos last night. Next time we make those tacos, I hope we have some eggs or black beans laying around.

Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Here is the persimmon recipe again, since they did not make it in the last box  Brie Chicken Grilled Cheese With Persimmons


This is Deer Tongue lettuce. And it is in the mix this week. I guess if I had to have an animal tongue in my mouth, a deer tongue would do. Or maybe a unicorn?

Here is a nice kale chip recipe if you want to save 7.99 on a bag of kale chips this week.




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