This Weeks Box 11/14/2015

Hey all! The volunteer, friends and member work party at Blue Sky Ranch is goingto happen on Saturday the 12th of December. All the details are here

Now do you see why it is called Blue Sky Ranch?
It is a dirt thing. Any gardener knows this feeling. Everything/anything is possible from this point of total completion. The cake is baked. All the ingredients have been added. Compost, worm castings, rock dust and minerals. Sweat. Angst. Love. A squished finger. Add another quick pinch of worm castings for good measure before mixing. A little more sweat. An unintentional dash of hopelessness followed by some laughter. Rake out  the lumps. Get distracted by the time. A raven swoops in from above as if to inspect the process. The raspy swish of his wing-beat is enough to bring me back into the to the present moment. Then the most difficult, yet most rewarding ingredient. I squeak out a smidgen of gratitude for being blessed to do such simple yet deeply meaningful work.

There is no turning back now. The drip lines will be laid. The trusty and fearless greenhouse starter veggies will get plucked in like green leafy candles on our super rich chocolate cake of fertile earthy goodness. It is all up to mother nature now. I don’t even make a wish anymore. She knows my wish better than me. It has already been granted.

Here is the list

Purple cabbage
Satsuma tangerines from Hellhole canyon
Small bag of lettuce mix with spinach and chard.
Eggplant “these are real beauties”.
Small, young white potatoes
Zutano Avocado “these are new season. And will need to be brown bagged for over a week”
Honeydew melon.
One or two small asian pears
Fuyu persommons from Ramona.
Lemons and limes
Spaghetti squash or pumpkin.

Eggplant stew with butter
This seems like a pretty good, basic eggplant stew recipe to get a little creative with. I had the pleasure of using this recipe. I also used zucchini. I added pre boiled potatoes into the stew pot before leaving it all on the stove to simmer for almost 45 minutes. Oh. The stew likes Gnocchi. And I bet it would love to be served over spaghetti squash. Speaking of spaghetti squash, this might be the last spaghetti squash of the year. This announcement always brings boo’s and aplause every year. But hey. That is what CSA is all about. Right?


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