This Weeks Box 9/27/2015


Here is what is in this weeks box

Romaine lettuce
assorted peppers
Along with the regular bell peppers and jalapenos this week, everyone got at least one or two of these Cubanelle peppers You can treat them just like a bell pepper.

Armenian and Persian cucumbers. If you have not learned about the Armenian cucumbers yet, check out the link. Armenian and Persian are the two cucumbers that can be comfortably eaten with their skin on. Take a close look at the Armenian this week. Did you  know that they are closer, genetically to the Honeydew melon than the cucumber?

Jujubees. I thought it was a joke when I first read it. But apparently, it is true. One of Jujubee’s  active ingredients, “Jujubocide”, can be used to treat both insomnia and anxiety. You might not want to eat these first thing in the morning! They are a good source of anti oxidants. And are supposed to be a powerful immune stimulant. Jujubocide! Ha Ha. I love it.

butternut or spaghetti squash

black eyed peas

I am most excited about the black eyed beans this week. Here is how to cook them…. First, boil them in water with a little salt for 2o minutes or so. Then take them out and let them cool. Chop the beans in about 4 or 5 pieces. If you do not cut them, the string along the spine will be distracting as you are trying to eat them whole. If you cut them, you do not notice the string. And everything chews perfectly. Very important…Cut each bean in a few pieces after boiling. From this point, you can do just abut anything. We just put a piece of bacon in the iron skillet with some coconut oil, garlic, celery seeds and tomato sauce. We sauteed for 20 minutes. And served it with some candied butternut, cucumber salad and bread. It turned out to be way more of a “soul food” experience than any of us were expecting. These beans are hearty, meaty and full of rich flavor. You do not have to do anything fancy to have some of the best beans ever here. You do have to love them as you are cooking. There is no other way.  You must cook them with love.  They are expecting you too.

brown onion
summer squash

Ok. So, that is the list. Now. I want to take a minute and talk about the tomatoes. We had a very unfortunate year for tomatoes. I will not go into the gruesome details of failure. But I love so much. And I know most of you do too. I am so grateful the early commercial varieties did produce some earlier on, because if they did not, we would have gone practically without any tomatoes at all. We put some more cold tolerant varieties last week. They have names like “Glacier, Oregon Mist, Siberien and Manitoba”, Feel free to hold a point on a successful late tomato harvest. Heaven knows we have put in enough work in order to get a return. Thank you all for your patience on the matter.

Before we say goodbye Here are a couple things to look forward too….

Corn has a few weeks to go.

We still have a few more sets of watermelon and cantaloupe to harvest before it gets too cold for them to survive.

We have some promising heirloom pumpkins that are starting to take shape. We planted for sweetness and flavor. These will take the place of the spaghetti and butternuts. I am personally looking forward to a different type of hard squash flesh.

9:27 pumpkin

Fuyu Persimmon. Next week if things go well.

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