This Weeks Box 9/5/2015

I was talking with a member as she was unpacking her CSA yesterday. We both ended up having a good laugh over the idea that this might be the most “Mexican” box we ever had!

Cactus Fruit

This week, we just put a few red ones in the box. To get you ready. But they are coming in season, and we hope to offer a few good helpings of them in the near future. This week, we picked red ones. But when we go out to the big fields in Ramona, we harvest Yellows or #4 in the picture above.  We will make sure to find some good recipes for these before we dump them on you. This year, I think I would like to use the dehydrator and make some caactus candy. I had some from Trader Joe’s. Only thing is that a little bag cost me 7.50. I think we can do better than that. Did I mention they are basically, a super food. And one of the best diabetic foods you can eat?

Kabocha or Acorn Squash


We have everything we need in the box to make this amazing salsa verde. And whether you are in the roasting or the cooking camp, it is going to turn out great.


Yellow Watemelon
Persian cucumbers
Summer Squash

Coming Soon>>>


Our first corn planting. Soakin up the rays!!


Blue lake Bush Beans….. Please Hurry!?


Jujubees. MMMnn. Fruit Candy.

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