This Weeks Box 7/11/2015

Good morning. I sit here, happily typing with purple hands. Why? Cuz mulberries! That’s right. Mulberries are back. It takes a significant amount of time to pick enough mulberries for the CSA. But it is so worth it. For one, I get a mulberry for every 10 I pick for the CSA. And two,  I get so many sweet complimentary emails from customers during mulberry season. I save them in a special file. And I read them when I need a boost. I have to warn you though, these are magical mulberries. And I suggest you put your CSA box in the trunk for the drive home. Because if you leave the box on the front seat, they will mysteriously disappear by the time you get home.

The List

tomatoes. woot! woot!
baby carrots
summer squash
white and purple potatoes
lemon thyme
cantaloupe woot!
mulberries woot! woot! woot!
valencia oranges
pink lemons

Thyme Fries when you are having fun with purple and white potatoes

I am not much of a fry person, but these purple potatoes love to be cut up super thin and fried in coconut oil until they get crispy. Take em right out of the pan when they are done, and put em on a paper towel. grind a little sea salt on them and sprinkle fresh chopped thyme allover them.

Cantaloupe mulberry popsicles

 Roasted zucchini and carrots

This was Tocayo’s first time in the garden 2-1/2 years ago. He still will not lie down anywhere except on a bed of carrots. I guess some things always stay the same.

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