This Weeks Box 6/6/2016

The list

2 heads of lettuce
large leek
large haas avocado
bag of salad mix
persian cucumbers
mixed squash
small fennel head


To me, leeks and fennel exist in a small aristocratic class of the vegetable world. Like royalty, it takes considerable time and attention to raise them properly. When done right though, They are unmistakeably complex in their flavor and aroma. They have an inherent ability to round out and deepen the flavors of other aromatic vegetables if not overused. Yet they can be flexible and quite versatile and can partner with a variety of different foods.

First, I will share my favorite way to get these regal delights into my own belly. And then I will put up some links to recipes I have either already done. Or want to do.

Roasting is my favorite way for both of these vegetables. When I roast leeks or fennel, I always look to see if I have some onions and cabbage that I can wedge and roast along with them. I recently had both fennel and leeks with turnips, onion and cabbage wedges altogether. I used a few tablespoons of coconut oil and a spoonful of butter in the roasting pan. Drizzled a little honey and balsamic vinegar over the top. Sprinkled some fresh basil, peppercorns and parmesan. Lastly, stuffed some medjool dates evenly throughout the pan.
Cover tightly with foil. And bake for 2 1/2 hours at 275 degrees. Come back. Peel the foil off. Sprinkle a little more parmesan and roast on the top rack in order to caramelize the tops of the veggies and make the cheese crispy. I find that hese roasted veggies go well with a rice pilaf. Rissoto or couscous.

The reason I like this soup recipe for fennel and leeks is because it calls for a pur’ee and to use the fronds as garnish. And since the fennel bulbs are pretty small, this recipe allows you to use the stems in the soup as well as the small bulb since they get saute’d and blended anyway.

Here is a recipe from a woman who used chard, fennel and leek from her CSA to make risotto.

And lastly…leek fennel and swiss chard tart from “The Four Seasons”

squash blossoms

Squash blossoms are on their way. And so are those little micro squash. We have 5 variety of squash about to come on the scene. As the squash plants move into production. We pick them almost daily. Because we prefer to harvest them super small with the blossom still in tact and attached. The smaller squash are more tender and nutty tasting. Plus, we try to put enough that you can make a handfull of stuffed squash blossoms on the side. So, starting next week, you will see more and smaller squash with their flowers on.


Well. Here is our last and final shot of the potato foliage. No more space between the rows. Just a sea of green with 4 different color blossoms.  I say this is our last shot of the foliage, because soon the leaves will start to die back in order to give the last of the plants nutrients to the tubers underground.

The potatoes underground are mature enough that we will do a small harvest next week so that everyone can experience the flavor and texture of new potatoes right from the garden.

speckled trout

A couple stars of the box this week. Speckled Trout lettuce. Go ahead and splurge on the expensive salad dressing this week. Or make something special with the ingredients of the box this week. Cuz lettuce is abundant in the boxes lately.

avocado cilantro lime dressing

Lastly…All hail to the brave and intrepid volunteers and members who refused to take notice of the rainy weather and showed up to our quarterly work party. Here is some images that some of you regular work party goers might appreciate.


Anyone remember this work party?


Or this one?


Well. Great job guys. Cuz check out the results of your work!


And here we are closing the circle. Harvesting the flowers of our labor. So cool!


Just a random crazy beautiful day at the ranch

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