This Weeks Box May 23 2015


Here is the list

baby carrots
pink lemons
white rose potatoes
green onions
head of lettuce
1 zucchini
2 avocados
large cucumber
brown onion
fresh oregano
1 small jicama

There is no rain scheduled  for The Spring CSA Member and Volunteer Work Party tomorrow morning!!  Looks like we will be doing some potato planting. And potato hilling. We will meet up at 9am under the pine tree next to the produce shack where everyone picks up. There will be a couple hours of moderate work for us. This will give us all an opportunity to learn, socialize and get our hands into the earth where this amazingly vibrant food is created. We will wrap up under the pine tree again. And then we will have light potluck snacks and beverages before moving on with our weekend. Please RSVP
Here are some directions to the meeting spot on the ranch.

Mr Pib and Tocayo take a dirt nap after a bout of fierce playing

Jicama..the next superfood?

This slightly sweet and crunchy root vegetable may lack the marketing budgets of acai and coconut juice, but it acts as a prebiotic to promote “friendly” bacteria in the gut. Plus it is said to boost collagen and fight wrinkles.

Rich in vitamin C and minerals, jicama, also known as Mexican yam or water chestnut, can be cooked, mashed, or baked, or served raw in slaws, salads, and stir-fries, after you peel its thick skin.

While predictions are swirling that jicama will soon take an honorary place alongside carrots and kale, at this point you’re still likely only to find the vegetable at farmers’ markets, in a CSA or Mexican grocery store.

Jicama, like Jerusalem artichokes, is a source of inulin, a prebiotic that can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Munching on jicama might also boost the look of your skin, thanks to its vitamin C content (one cup of raw jicama slices provides more than 24 mg of vitamin C). Eating vitamin C-rich foods can increase collagen production, which can help improve skin texture, speed wound healing, and give you a healthy glow.

Spicy Jicama Fries

Cucumber Mango Avocado Bruschetta

So, here is my suggested adjustment for the above recipe. Just sub the mango for peach. An add jicama.

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