This Weeks Box 1/31/2015

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It was a beautiful day for the CSA volunteer work party two weeks ago. Welcome to all who were new to this quarterly event. Alec, Brooke, Rachel, Ethan, Donna, Photine and Kevin!  Thank You Nate. For helping facilitate the learning component of the day.  And for sharing your broccoli babies with everyone. Thanks Allyson, Kurt and Stacy for all your extra help. And to Ingrid  for sharing with us your amazing story as founder of this land where we farm, that is Blue Sky Ranch.

The next volunteer/ member work party is a couple months away. Hope to see you there!


The list

small bag of spinach
green onions
bag of romaine inner leaves
small head of lettuce
2 fuerte avocados
naval oranges
meyers lemons
bunch of cilantro
bag of tender young broccoli shoots.

I have mixed feelings about this box . It is a light box. It does not weigh much. Things like onions, potatoes and beets really add weight to a box. We did not have any of those things this week. Aside from the fact that I almost hit my chin with the first box I picked up after packing them, I particularly love some of the foods we are eating this week.

I think this young broccoli is out of this world. You really cannot mess this stuff up unless you overcook it.

These carrots do not get any better. In the last 10 months, I think these are the best carrots we have had. Not too small, not to old. Just perfect.

And the Fuertes. You really cannot get Fuerte avocados at the store anymore. Take a leaf out of the bag of spinach and pop it in your mouth. Notice how it starts out nutty, then gets sweeter as you chew. Truly, this particular variety of spinach has one of the most complex and delicious flavors in any green leaf I have ever tasted. It is called Bloomsdale. And it is an heirloom. It makes 3 times less leaves than commercial varieties. And it makes store bought spinach taste like wet paper. Ohh! and these oranges. Forget about it! Just sniff one. Forget about it!

Photo: Djamel Dine Zitout

Roasted Carrot and Orange Avocado Salad with Cilantro

Pasta with Spinach and Walnut Pesto

Charred Broccoli and Avocado


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