This Weeks Box 1/3/2015

The list

green tomatoes
bag of salad greens
bell peppers
persian cucumbers
kale bunch
bag of chard
potatoes red and white
summer squash
zutano avocado
meyers lemons
navel oranges
a few tangerines


What is this yellow awesomeness in my salad mix? Calendula is an edible flower. From time to time, we pull the petals off the calyxes and sprinkle them in the salad mix. If you ever feel like doing a little homework, google the health benefits of this flower. It is pretty amazing. I love em because they are a rare winter blooming flower that reminds me of summer.

Green tomatoes are a once a year thing. When the first frosts show up, the tomatoes stop growing and turning green. Then we pick them all and give you the opportunity to do something with them.

Here is a couple recipes:

Green Tomato Jam
Fried Green Tomatoes

We put a small sample of a sauerkraut we made here at the ranch last week. It has a little turmeric powder and some fennel seeds. Once again, if you are feeling studious, check the health benefits of raw sauerkraut. Or turmeric. Or fennel seeds for that matter!

Here is a recipe for a simple batch of sauer kraut that you can make right in a mason jar.

Baked Kale Chips


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