This Weeks Box 11/29/2014

I would like to announce our “very short notice” fall volunteer work party/potluck. We will meet at the farm at 9 am Saturday the 13th of December. Everyone will get a chance to do some harvesting, planting and seed starting. At around 11, we will wrap up under the pine tree, on the picnic tables. There we will enjoy a fresh farm salad with persimmon dressing harvested by us. Along with the salad, we will have some some light “snack like” pot luck sides brought by members. For an extra special treat, Ingrid Coffin, the founder of Blue Sky Ranch has offered to do a brief talk for us about the land and the community. I hope you all can make it. It is always such an energizing way to start a Saturday. Please RSVP.

2014 Spring work party.

owl Ears like a cat, yet wings like a bird?? Weird.

Baby Lettuce
Our lettuce is spoiled. Seriously. It even gets tucked in at night with a blanket.

The list
Russet potatoes
Red leaf lettuce
Thai basil
Pink lemons
Winter squash
Summer squash
A small tomato or two

Tomatoes with Thai Basil Dressing
Potato Leek Gratin
Leek and Potato Soup with Oregano
Creamy Thai Carrot Soup with Basil

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