This Weeks Box 9-6-2014

boxThis mornings box contents
baby bok choy
summer squash
butternut squash
haas avocadoa
armenian cucumbers limes
persian cucumbers
bell peppers

This mornings bag contents
pink lemon

I think that many of you have seen this animated clip by Chipotle. To be honest, the first time I saw it, I did not watch it to the end.  It looked a bit depressing. Also, knowing that the clip was sponsored by a large fast food chain, I think I was expecting some fantastic and gratuitous ending with lots of logos and B.S.  I finally watched it all the way through recently.

I can really relate with how it feels to be out in the world and on the street and in the stores. There are so many appealing signs. And we hear so many adds. We see the writing that says “all natural” or “local” but we know that these are hollow and even sometimes deceptive uses of language. So many people can be seen and heard acting out the memes that the advertisers are pumping out like the skillful artsmen and women they are.

Have you ever been in town doing a bunch of errands and got hungry? If so, have you ever looked around at the signs and the stores and felt like you must be from another planet? Like you do not fit in? I have to say that it has happened to me. And sometimes I really do feel like the scarecrow in the animated clip.

I eat for vibrancy as much as I do for hunger. I also eat for heart. There is nothing better than enjoying quality ingredients prepared by people who are happy. Ingredients from your garden a local farm prepared with friends is even better for the heart. We all have our moments where we settle for less. But it is always nice to know that the real farm on the hill is always there for you.

Heirlooms…Please hurry!

Spaghetti squash…………. looking good!

Grilled Bok Choy

Butternut Squash Ginger Carrot Soup. Feel free to throw a potato or two in there if you have any leftover from last week.




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