Thank you. That we still have enough water in the aquifer to keep the crops and trees refreshed.

 Thank you. For successful deer fences.

Thank You. for good weather. Not too hot. Not too cold.

Thank you. Ag supply, for extending credit this year.

Thank You. You know who. For flats of heirloom tomato starts donated after deer decimated the first crop of tomatoes.

Thank you Tim at Ramona Organics. For trading some of your best crates of peaches for our lemons.

Thank you. Local pollinators for doing such a good job after the beekeepers removed their boxes and relocated to irrigated land this season.

Thank you. Local Harvest and Farm Bureau for all the referrals.

Thank you. Amazing CSA hosts. For offering your homes every week.

Thank you volunteers. For putting your love into action through your work for the farm.

Thank you members for embracing the goodness and the bounty as well as the bad. For pulling out that bunch of chard with new excitement. As if it were the first time.

Thank You! Thank you! Thank You! Thank! You! Thank! You!


mongo big peaches
young sweet carrots
bell peppers
big bunch of basil
mexican squash
passion fruit
romaine lettuce
persian cucumbers

This young man shows us how to eat passion fruit. Apparently, there are no normal people who upload videos on how to eat rare fruits.


And in case you missed it, here is our friend from a few weeks ago. Showing how to eat a sapote


Black Bean Lettuce Wrap Featured Image

Black bean and summer squash lettuce wraps


Spinach and avocado peso pasta :substitute chard for spinach”


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