This Week’s Box 06/28/2014

Here’s the list:

persian cucumbers
cactus apples
baby carrots
white and red potatoes
zucchini and yellow straightneck squash
green onions

One of our members shared a tip for keeping farm fresh baby carrots firm. If you cut off most of the greens, you can just drop the carrots “root first” into a glass of water for about an hour before eating or refrigerating. Even if the carrots are already rubbery, they are still alive, so putting them in water will firm them up in an hour or so.

​They are heeeeeere! I will spare the images of the carnage. The Deer did cause quite a bit of damage.

So, what do you do when deer start sneaking into the gardens and orchards at night?

​You take your manager of unwelcome guest services on a camp out until a proper deer fence is erected.

It took 4 days of doing regular work as well as working on the deer fence project and camping out at night. The fence is finally erected.  The deer left the garden alone with no one guarding last night. I love my bed. More than I ever knew.

I think the peaches are pretty awesome.

The oranges are super sweet.

How to eat cactus apples

How to eat a sapote I think this woman is actually pretty hilarious because it hard to tell if she is trying to be funny or not. And that can be very funny.

No lettuce this week. Can you guess why? Lettuce will be back next week. Along with strawberries. and maybe, just maybe our first taste of tomato. Ooooh?! Nice.

Peach and Swiss Chard Smoothie 

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you might not want to look at the next recipe. It has bacon. No judging please.

Grilled Peach Rainbow Chard and Bacon Salad

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