This Week’s Box 02/24/2014

Farm at Blue Sky Ranch is looking for recipes!

We’re working on changes to our website, including – by popular demand – a recipes page.  But we need your help populating it!  What is your favorite recipe, using ingredients you find in your weekly farm box?  Share it with us!

Send us your recipes by choosing one of the following options:

  1. Email the Farmer

    Email us a link to your favorite recipe, or write it out in full text.  We’ll do the rest!

  2. Post it to our Facebook Wall

    If you just can’t wait to share that favorite recipe, consider posting a link to our Facebook wall.  We’ll check back periodically and compile them all for the website.

  3. Send us a Private Message in Facebook
    If you prefer to send us a private message with your recipe, feel free to do so.

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The List  

orange bell peppers
purple and orange carrots
multi color beets
salad mix with arugula spinach, pea tendrils and edible flowers
gold nugget tangerines
green onions
baby bok choy

 just enough snap peas and tomatoes to make an awesome salad. Unless you set your box on the front seat of your car. In that case, the snap peas and cherry tomatoes most likely disappeared.

Check out those amazing green onions!!

beet smoothie 1

Raw Beet and Apple Detox Smoothie  

Got room in your pickle jar? Stick a hand full of small beets in with the remaining pickles. In a week or so, you will be glad you did.


Our grilled Baby Bok and Green Onions Recipe 

It is real easy. Marinade: Start with 1/2 cup of soy sauce. Add some fresh or powdered ginger. You would be surprised how much fresh ginger you can put on this dish and not have it be overpowering. Besides, it is so good for you. And it really helps in digesting the meal. Add some coarse pepper. Add a spoonful of something sweet, like agave or honey. Add 3 tbsp of olive or coconut oil. Add juice of 1/2 a lemon. I like to put the zest of the lemon in the marinade too. You do not have to though.

Prepare: Take out you onions and bok choy. Cut them in half longwise so that you have 2 symmetrical pieces of each whole. Check the image above for clarification on how to cut. Put the cut veggies in a tray or dish and pour the marinade, “which is basically fresh made teriyaki” allover the veggies.

Take the veggies out to the Grill: Turn the heat on high. Cook them with the top downfor about 1 minute at a time on each side. Do not leave the grill for any reason. You would not want to get distracted and than come back in 5 minutes to find nothing left except little crunchy pieces of black carbon on the grill.

Goes great with wild rice or quinoa.

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