This Week’s Box 02/08/2014

red bell peppers
persian cucumbers
collard greens
baby bok choy

Roasted Root Vegetables

roasted carrots beets and turnips

roasted beet soup 

Stuffed Collard Greens with Pecorino | Lattes & Leggings

cleaning the fruit one of the off the tangelo trees at the ranch

 The tangelo probably originated in southeastern Asia over 3,500years ago.
Tangelos are, most likely, a result of insect cross pollination of the
Mandarin orange and the pummelo (pummelo is the ancestor of the
grapefruit). Minneolas are the most popular in the tangelo family and are
the the variety we grow at Blue Sky Ranch.

Minneolas can be easily identified by the knob-
like formation at the stem end and their
deep orange color.

The Minneola is the most important and plentiful tangelo variety grown in the West.
In San Diego, Minneola Tangelos are typically harvested from
February through July

Good quality tangelos will be firm to slightly soft, heavy for its size and are smooth to
slightly pebbled in texture with no deep grooves. The coloring will be deep orange to al-
most red. Tangelos have a delicious tart/ sweet flavor.

Minneolas have a smooth to slightly pebbled texture, peel very easily, and have few if any
seeds. They are distinguished from other citrus species by the relatively loose skin of the
fruits, the relative ease with which the segments can be separated.Tangelo fruits tend to be relatively more delicate and are more prone to damage when handling than oranges or grapefruit.Tangelos range from the size of a standard sweet orange to the size of a grapefruit

Tangelos have become a popular fruit commercially, since they are larger than tanger-
ines, less seedy and have much of the desirable flavor of the tangerine.

One medium tangelo contains: 47 calories, 53 mg vitamin C, and 40 mg calcium and is
composed of 87% water. A tangelo will keep for over a week at room temperature but, for longer storage, the fruits should be refrigerated.

Minneolas tend to be so juicy that you need to lean forward while eating the sections or
use a bowl to catch the extra juices. They are usually hand peeled and sectioned or sliced
and juiced.Tangelos can be used in many of the recipes calling for oranges and will yield a slightly
different flavor.

Squeezed Minneola juice will keep refrigerated several days and is good mixed with other
citrus juices. Tangelo juice does not freeze well, nor do the sections. It is best to enjoy
this fruit while you can fresh

Apparently, tangelos mess with clowns equilibrium.

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