This Week’s Box 12/21/2013

This weeks box is busting with fresh young, tender, cool weather, flavor.

The young broccoli shoots are going to really knock your socks off. Eat em raw or lightly steamed or sauteed. They are so sweet.

We put an individual head of little gem lettuce in each lettuce bag, This lettuce is so delicate and beautiful. I observed bees trying to pollinate it!

We still have cucumbers

There are some baby beets with large beautiful greens that are so beautiful, you would never find them in a store.

The chard and kale are so tender right now that you can eat them both raw.

The young carrots are so sweet

We threw in some more of those delicious cactus apples too.

Here is the list

eureka lemon
bell pepper
baby beets with greens
baby broccoli
cara cara oranges
salad mix

This weeks CSA was designed to energize your body and protect you from any illness or negative effects of any holiday splurging.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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