This Week’s Box 12/14/2013

The List

red onions
bell peppers
satsuma mandarines
cara cara oranges
head of red romaine lettuce
bag of spring mix
collard greens
persian cucumbers
eureka lemons

Last week, something found its way into the box and it never got an introduction

cactus apple

Cactus apples are the fruit found on Opuntia “paddle cactus”.  I have wild harvested these fruit ever since I was a kid growing up in Alpine. They are just too good to pass up.

Last week, I and my friend, “fearless Brian” harvested a box of these off a steep hillside in San Pasqual valley. We realized after harvesting that there might be enough to put one each in the CSA.

Here is a video describing how to eat these delicacies

We are currently locating some good stands of Opuntia in Ramona. And we have plans to get a few more good harvested. Hopefully, we can get enough to put a hand full of these in each box next time.

Potato Broccoli Crepes Recipe

Potato and broccoli samosas

Potato and Broccoli Samosas

This link is a jackpot for CSA greens eaters check it out!

Everything we grow is not just organic. It is organic“plus“, and grown with intention. As an example, we do not view a plant like chard as some veggie like spinach that was grown without sprays and chemical fertilizer. That is true, but there is more to it. The land at Blue Sky Ranch is pristine. It is over 50 acres nestled against the Audubon Silverwood Sanctuary on the north , and the El Capitan Open Space Preserve to the south and east. Our farm consists of a hand full of gardens and orchards dotted throughout a native landscape. We are not exposed to any type of urban or agricultural run off, like many organics farms are. We are not on city water either. Our plants are fed by 5 pristine, deep, granite aquifer wells. We look at chard as a delivery system for the super high energy minerals and nutrients that our soil along with the sun can produce. We apply an old fashioned process of making special compost teas with kelps, minerals and micro nutrients.  In 90 percent of our farming practices there is a sound scientific foundation behind what we are doing. But the 10 percent that is love and intention, has no scientific basis. This 10 percent is the most effective and important ingredient in our book. The chard we grow has been with us for years. We are currently on our 4th generation of chard here at Blue Sky Ranch. Every season, we save the seed. Every time, we select out the chard plants with the most favorable characteristics. Every year she changes and grows along with us. She is part of the family. She is more than a plant like spinach that was grown without chemicals. We love our chard. We invite you to love everything we grow. We actually strongly suggest that you do.

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