This Weeks Box 9/21/2013

Here is the list
young summer squash
red leaf lettuce
bell peppers
large beet
persian cucumbers
valencia oranges
bag of cherry tomatoes
jalapeno peppers
anaheim peppers.
We separated and labeled the jalapenos in your box this week.
Our very own carrot seed factory

Much gratitude  for your hard work this week Jade and Jonda

Here is something that some of you might find helpful. If you would like to dig a little deeper into our blog, you can always go to the side bar and click on September ” or any month ” of the previous year. You will find that the box contents are similar, but the recipes are often different and might be “new” to you. It is also fun to scroll forward a little to see what fall has in store for us. Soon, we will like to have a recipe page the links all our box contents to every recipe we have on that item. Until then, hopefully, this little tip helps.

Thanks. Have a great week

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