This Weeks Box 8/3/2013

Please remember that you can look at your account balance here. You can make a payment by e-check or credit card. Of course, it is always ok to leave a paper check at the drop site too.

The List

asian pears
heirloom tomatoes
heirloom potatoes
bell peppers
bunch beets with greens
spaghetti or butternut squash
summer squash
white grapefruit
lemon cucumbers
1 lime
 The Heat Waves Of Change
Your moving full speed down the post summer solstice freeway The A/C is on high and the windows are up. A green flash catches the corner of your eye on the right. Your neck trains to the side and your eyes follow. But you see nothing. Just dry parched earth. You check the rear view mirror in just enough time to see them. Why, it’s our old friends. Bok choy, broccoli cabbage and kale. And their hitching a ride the other way. Where could they be going? Just then you get a text message. It is from all of them. Radish and Arugula too
 The message reads:
Thank you Mr and Mrs CSA customer for supporting us for the last half of the year. Unfortunately this weather does not agree with our cool dispositions. You see, broccoli is extremely dehydrated and cabbage and bok choy are so hot, they cannot even come out their seeds. It is just not working out. It is not you. It’s us. We have decided to spend the summer at a quaint little bed and breakfast in a tiny village in Slovakia where it rarely ever gets above 85 degrees. Here is a picture of the nice innkeeper and his wife as they personally prepare our beds for us. 
Ploughing the vegetable garden - farming horses

Please don’t worry intrepid CSA customer. Our cousins, “tomato”, “potato”, “corn”, “carrot”, “lettuce”,”squash”, “melon”, “cucumber”……have promised to take extra good care of you while we are gone. We will be thinking of you. We promise to send a post card as soon as we are settled in.
The cool weather vegetables.

All Hail The Farm Salad
  No two farm salads are ever the same
“Anonymous Farmer”
A farm salad forms naturally out of a csa box, just as a drop of water is round. Both things happen for the sake of efficiency. Farm salad is one of the easiest and most practical ways to eat the food out of your CSA box. Lately, the farm salads at the ranch have been awesome. It might make a nice project to take a picture of a farm salad for each month of the year and turn that into a calendar!
Here are some secrets to a good farm salad:
 #1 Dont think too much! 
  #2 Cube everything. 
#3 Be open. It might surprise you how nice beet, apple and cucumber go together.
a few carrots
a bell pepper 
a few beets
an asian pear
a tomato
fresh corn cleaned off the cob
a couple sprigs of basil
cube everything and chop the basil. 
add a tablespoon cider vinegar.  
two tablespoons olive oiy
teaspoon of honey
juice of half an orange and half a lime

As you already know. The food in your box is “field washed”.  Basically, this means that we use water to knock most the dirt off of the food
Here is how we have been eating potatoes for the last couple weeks.
Wash those little guys real good. 
  Cut the potatoes if they are bigger than an inch thick. Put some olive oil in the skillet and drop a hand full of potatoes in. Once they start to sizzle get, add 1/4 cup vegetable or chicken broth and put the lid on. Let them cook for a few minutes. Now lift the lid, stir the potatoes and put some chopped tomato and basil in there. Add more broth if it is getting too dry and put the lid back on. After a few minutes, take the top off, stir the potatoes and pour a splash of white wine in there. Cover again and wait a couple minutes. Now for the last time, take the lid off add a little more wine and broth if it is getting too dry. Just enough so you are sure it will not burn. Before putting on the lid, add two tablespoons of Parmesan and cover. Let cook for a minute or two. Lift lid, stir one last time and now cut of the heat and cover. Basically, you are doing a white wine, broth reduction whilst taking the potatoes, tomatoes and basil along for the ride. You end up with a wonderful potatoes in rich gravy dish!



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