This Weeks Box 7/27/2013

Here is the list
lemon cucumbers
head lettuce
heirloom tomatoes
summer squash
bell peppers
green onions
An interesting story behind the tomatoes this year. We grew two varieties right next to each other. Cherokee Purple and Tennessee Heirloom. Saved some of the seeds from that crop and planted them this year. Well, we got some crosses. They are kind of somewhere in between Cherokee Purple and Tennessee Heirloom. Since it was not actually the plan to make a hybrid, the farmer did not take good note of which mother plants he picked the previous seeds from. So it not just a case of whose your daddy. It is more like, who’s your daddy and we lost your mom. Oh well, at least we’ve got some super cool  tomatoes that you can only get at Blue Sky Ranch.
The Bob Coffin?
Isn’t this just the smartest looking tomato ever? It has 9 seed packs. What a fantastic number right?
Well, the process is just beginning. From here, we start saving the seeds from the smartest tastiest tomatoes and then growing them out until we hopefully come up with a tomato that can consistently reproduce seeds similar to the previous mother plant. Exciting!
If we do end up with a new tomato, we will call it the Bob Coffin. He is one of the land owners here at the ranch. He is the one who donated the original Cherokee and Tennessee seeds. With all that Bob does to make this ranch happen for us, the least we can do is name a tomato after him. 
Next week ………. sweet corn!
In few weeks…….spaghetti squash!

After that……sugar baby watermelons!

An “Other” Heirloom Tomato Sandwich Recipe

Here is a real dirty sandwich recipe. I cannot believe I am even bringing this up on such a family oriented website. This sandwich is truly only for dirty girls and boys. If you do not match the description please skip to the next recipe.  First thing you need to do is sneak some of the trashiest white bread you can find into the house. Remember that bread with the multi color dots on the package? Bingo! This is something you will probably want to prepare in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep. Oh yeah, you should have smuggled some trashy chips in along with that bread. Ready? here goes….Slice the tomato, open the bread and give it a layer of mayo, slap a couple big juicy heirloom tomato slices in there with some chips and I am sure you can guess the rest. You did not hear this here. Seriously. We will deny it.

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