This Weeks box 6/29/2012

Here is the list
santa rosa plums
baby bok choy
green onions
heirloom potatoes
green onions
sweet and hot peppers
summer squash
mandarine oranges
lemon cucumbers
persian cucumbers
You might have noticed that we did not have lettuce this week or last week. This “speckled trout” bib lettuce is what we have to look forward to next week. It was just a little too small to cut this week.
Here is an action shot of what will be our first corn of the year. Her name is “Silver Queen”. The plants were stunted because the farmer did not get them out of the greenhouse and into the field fast enough. Consequently, the ears are really small. We will be digging into these either next week or the week after. 
This is the second planting of corn. This corn is an early yellow corn. These plants are monsters.  Not even showing flowers yet, they’re towering over the first planting.
Third planting of corn.  Half is a super sweet bi color variety called peaches and cream. The other half is an old mexican heirloom yellow. Notice how the soil is mounded around the base of the corn? Corn is a grass. At 3 weeks, we mound up soil and compost around the base of the plants. This creates more roots higher up the plant for more vigorous growth.
 This heirloom is called a russian banana fingerling. All the potatoes in the box were picked yesterday. If you really want to experience a treat. Separate out all the small potatoes. Saute them in with some tarragon and green onions in a skillet with the lid on for 20 minutes or so. The small young potatoes come out so tender and flavorful this way.
The upper tomato patch got staked and mulched last week. We picked the first ripe tomato from here three days ago. MMMMNN! 
There are three kinds of peppers in the box this week. On the left is bell pepper. Mild and sweet. In the middle is jalapeno. flavorful and hot. On the right is fresno chile . These babies are hOt!@# Fresno chiles flavor comes out when grilled. A grilled pepper or two is great to liven up black beans or eggs. Just go slow and get to know them first.
No we do not have any apples in the box, but this cucumber apple tarragon salad looks amazing.

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