This Weeks Box 5/5/2013

Here is the list
bunch of baby bok choy
daikon radish
valencia oranges
pink lemons
small bag of lettuce
bulb of fennel
dinosaur kale
fresh oregano
haas avocado
carrots/or green onions

I took some pictures of our future food……




Summer squash

lemon cucumber

Here are a few other late spring, early summer goodies that are on their way….

peaches “white and yellow”
santa rosa plums
sweet peppers

weed abatement in the community garden

#1 Just lay down fan palms, montbretia or any fibrous leaf plant right over the weeds in the aisles.

#2 Cover with mulch and viola! No weeds for a long time.

all completed by some extraordinary volunteers

Email sent in by a member last week

 Thanks for posting more about beet greens this past week. I have to admit i used to throw these awesome leaves away in my compost each time i got them. But after finally giving in and trying them i haven’t looked back. I thought i might share some of my own recipes for future use if you want to use them 🙂

Beet greens have quickly become my second favorite behind kale (sorry chard, you’re beautiful but you just don’t cut the mustard, eh… beet greens)! A few weeks ago there was a recipe posted for lasagna calling for veggies to be pulsed in a food processor. Since then I’ve relied on my food processor to make what I call my “farm-to-plate holy trinity”: beet greens, onions and garlic; similar to the Cajun holy trinity but way better! Simply pulse beet greens, onions or green scallions and garlic to a course consistency and you have a wonderful filler for all sorts of dishes. I usually lightly sauté the mix with various spices to mix up the flavor for different recipes.

I use this farm-to-plate holy trinity:

1.      With cumin, beans and cheese to stuff enchiladas

2.      With quinoa, shredded carrots and parmesan cheese to fill baked squash halves

3.      With oregano, leftover rice, tomatoes and sausage to stuff bell peppers

4.      With cilantro, broccoli shoots, and tofu/beef for a quick stir-fry

5.      With ricotta, mozzarella and pasta sauce to stuff pasta shells

6.      With diced potatoes under “eggs in purgatory” (poached eggs in tomato sauce – if you haven’t tried it you NEED to, especially with the fresh Psalter Farm eggs! Just simmer some tomato sauce (I like to make my own with tomatoes, garlic, red pepper flakes and olive oil) until slightly thickened. Crack eggs on top of sauce and cover pan until egg whites have set. Serve over kale, beet greens and/or potatoes with grated parmesan cheese.

Cheers! -Allyson

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