This Weeks Box 4/27/2013

Here is the list
head lettuce
fresh oregano
red and white potatoes
small bag of spring mix with edible flowers
red bell pepper
valencia oranges

Well, we all got a few more strawberries this week. They are noticeably sweeter. The little bag of spring mix with flowers is not a very large quantity. It is probably only enough for two people to make their plate pretty. It is so good when it is this young and tender though. The bell peppers were from an organic greenhouse in Ramona. They were not cheap, but I really cannot wait another month for ours.

All the summer stuff is in the ground now. And thanks to Hanna, the greenhouse is packed with plant babies.

One of the things I am really pushing for is small sweet peppers. They come in orange red and yellow. We are planting a lot of them. It will be interesting to see which variety likes to grow here the best.  Of course, we will have the bells and jalapenos too. We saved a bunch of tomato seed from last year. We have some cherokee purples that are 4th generation Blue Sky Ranch. That is exciting. We will have all the tomatoes we had last year. We are also adding Mr Stripey, Carbon  Amana Orange and a large red cherry that was given to me by a grower in Ramona.

We know that summer squash are around the corner when we get our first blossoms. It has not happened yet. But the plants are getting big. We added a striped italian squash to our arsenal of  yellow and green zucchinis, patti pans, crooknecks and straight neck squash.

The first corn planting is about 1 foot high in the greenhouse. It has to go out this week.

All the cukes are sprouting in the rows. They usually fruit a couple weeks after the summer squash. The one thing we are going to cut back on is eggplant. We had a few complaints that there was too many eggplant last year. We rarely get complaints. When we get multiple complaints, It is likely that twice as many people are thinking it, but just have not said anything.

The Article on our farm in the April “green” issue of the Angies List  periodical turned out wonderful. Thanks to everyone who was able to contribute. I spoke to the editor and she is sending me a stack of them so that I can get one to each member who was mentioned in interview or had a photo taken of them. Maybe we will be able to scan it and get it up on the site.

Blue Sky Ranch was invited to attend the Enviro Fair at the Del Mar Fair.  Saturday June 22nd. We will have a booth set up all day. They are showcasing CSA and local foods. Chefs will be there providing cooking demonstrations with ours and other farms food.

 Well, I am going to have to post recipes this afternoon. I chatted too long! Allyson is going to be here to pick up the deliveries and the fruit is not bagged and the schedules need to be printed out.

Have a great weekend. And we will get some recipes up shortly.

I am going to post this one for a second time this season…….5 ways to cook beet greens

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