Healing From The Ground Up CSA

San Diegos Real Farm in Alpine California

This Weeks Box 12/29/2012

 This Weeks Haul
a few jalapenos
head of “lil gem” lettuce
young sweet carrots
bunch of lavander
dinosaur kale
bok choy or bunch of chinese cabbage
bag of spinach
bunch of chard
bag of spicy salad mix
satsuma mandarins
Hi everyone. This week, we have a little homework. Don’t worry, there’s no test. I want to suggest something that I know a lot of you already do with intention. I want to suggest that you take out a few spinach leaves. First thing. Before you even put away the CSA. Rinse them off and put a leaf in your mouth and chew it. I mean really chew it and taste it while you are doing it. Really open up let the flavor come through. You might be surprised at the flavor you find in an undressed, uncooked leaf of spinach when you take a few moments to do nothing else than really taste. I know I am always blown away when I do this.
 lil gem
I am starting to respect this compact headed romaine/ butterhead cross.
Crisp like romaine, sweet like butter. Dense heavy heads for their size too. 
I am beginning to see why they call it a little gem.

The pork soup with tamarind and bok choy looks soooo good.

Spinach Hummus Recipe
13 Magical Things To Make With Lavender
I have done a little over 1/2 of the 13 ideas in this post.
I did the honey infusion this week and found it to be real good.
Here is one other simple thing to do with lavender… If you have some oil, you can make a small batch of lavender infused oil. This oil can be used for two basic purposes. To eat, like in salad dressings etc.. And to put on your skin as a moisturizer. Two good oils to use are grape seed oil and virgin olive oil.  Some people prefer the grape seed oil over olive for skin application because it is a little lighter and absorbs into the skin faster. They both work fine though. Lavender oil is great for rough spots, like elbows and feet or just to rub on the hands after gardening.  During this drier season, my skin sucks up oil and I use it everywhere except my face.
Take 1 bunch lavender leaves and flowers dried and chop it up. You can dry it slowly in the oven for a few hours at 95 degrees if you want it to dry right away or you can hang it by a string or a close pin somewhere inside for a week or so.
Take your chopped or crumbled lavander leaves and flowers and put them in a small jar that has a lid. A baby food jar is actually a good size, but you can use a larger jar. put the dry plant material inside and pour your oil just enough to cover the dry material. Put the lid on, sit it near a windowsill where it can get light. Light is key. It helps pull out all the good stuff. 
Leave it there for 4-6 weeks. Shake it when you think about it. Other than that, nature will do all the work. When your oil has a strong lavender scent and the color of the leaves and flowers have leached out and faded some, your oil is ready. Strain it through some cheesecloth and your oil is ready to use.

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