This Weeks Box 12/22/2012

Here is the list
bag of spring mix salad
super sweet satsuma’s
baby bok choy
multi color potatoes and a yam. That is right! a Yam.
bell peppers
summer squash
head or two of broccoli
some beautiful red romaine
more of those young tender collards

Befriending Our Commitments 

We are nearing the end of a season cycle. One of the things I always do during this time is review. I often perceive my life as consisting of three components; personal, spiritual and business. So every year, I like to to take a look at the commitments I am fulfilling for myself in those areas of life. The pattern that I always find is that my daily, weekly or yearly habits are a natural result of what I have committed myself too. My goal is simple; have more commitments that were made with intention as opposed to unconscious whim or chance. This seems to be a pretty universal formula for having things work. Being a human on this planet is the best game in town. Spending an hour or two at the end of a year, reviewing the movie of our own lives is certainly time well spent. We deserve it. Regardless of whether or not we think we had a good year or a bad year, We had a year! So make some tea or heat up some popcorn. Bring an open mind, a sense of humor and some curiosity. Maybe you’ll need some tissue or maybe you’ll need a notebook to detail all your achievements. Either way, Enjoy your review. It is the only one you have.

So, back to the reason for the title of befriending our commitments. This is something that I am learning for myself. That thing is the concept of acknowledging what we are committing too and  then befriending those commitments that clearly are in line with our values and vision for the future of ourselves and our loved ones. How commitment relates to the CSA has only started becoming clear for me this year. Being a pretty idealistic person myself, I think I have probably projected my perception of why people join CSA:

Sticking it to Monsanto and a corrupt, heartless agribusiness industry. 
Buying local and keeping our money close.
 Connecting to the cycles of nature through connecting with our food. 
Being a part of something positive that is a movement larger than ourselves.
 Promoting community. 
Showing our children that food does not come from a box. 
It is just a cool thing to do.

These are all awesome. And they are real. CSA absolutely helps manifest all those things and many more. But what I realize through conversations with you all is that the main reason most of you do CSA, is that by joining, you are making a commitment to add a certain amount of healthy, fresh, nutrient dense, poison free food into your bodies and the bodies around you.  This reality resonates with my own life very much.

 Some of you know my story about working through a healing crisis a few years back. Hence the URL of this website: Healing From The Ground Up. I was full of chemicals. Intuition told me I needed the cleanest food possible to re balance my energy and cleanse my body. I still believe that I need this food as much as I did then. I am hooked, That is ok. I do not mind. The results are worth it.

In regards to commitment verses ideas, this quote by Goethe really resonates.

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world, all rests on perseverance.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Who’s Afraid Of Mashed Potatoes And Yams?

Boil up the potatoes and yams.
mash em with some milk

It will be interesting to what purple and red potatoes with orange yams  ends up looking like all mashed together.

Taco Lettuce Wraps
 Taco Lettuce Wraps on Green Lil


We are getting a dedicated recipe person to write and research recipes for out weekly boxes.
She should be able to start in a couple weeks. You will notice when it starts because there will be a lot more recipes!! We need more recipes every week, but I just do not have time, so this ought to work out great.

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