This Weeks Box 7/28/2012

Let’s all hold a point for the color red please.

The mature tomato plants are loaded with green fruit. We have had a few random fruit ripen but the landslide of red ripe tomatoes is not yet upon us. It happens fast though. Maybe next week.
The tomatoes are definitely a few weeks later than last year. Hopefully this means we get to keep harvesting later into the season.

Here are some of the stars of this weeks box… 

multi-color beets

“Chard” Eat a rainbow at least once a week

Here is what we harvested for this week...

 red lettuce
green onions
multi colored beets
yellow squash
cucumbers “mostly lemon variety”
Anaheim peppers
a few small Haas avocados
yellow grapefruit
pink lemons

 Anaheim peppers

 I do not think we have formally introduced the Anaheim pepper here yet. I wanted to provide an image mainly for identification purposes. Basically, they are low to mild heat and have a strong flavor. They love eggs by the way.

When life gives you pink lemons, make pink lemonade

How is it that plain chicken, fresh vegetables and some herbs simmered in a pot taste so good?
Here is a little CSA secret for you all to add to your arsenal of ingenious solutions for how to get this box of nutritious, fresh veggies into our body this week without too much fuss.
Some of you might already know this, but just about anytime of the year in our little CSA, you can count on over half of your box ingredients being perfect candidates for soup. Around here, soup is a real time saver. Summer is hot and there is a lot to do. It is nice to know that there is a pot of soup in the fridge that you can take bowl out and warm up at will. by the end of the week when the soup is almost gone, I start adding more fresh veggies to liven it up.

I am not a soup expert but I will tell you all I do. I boil a pack of chicken thighs for about 4 hours. Sometimes there is onion or a fennel bulb in there for more flavor but it is not necessary.

When the broth is rich and the chicken is pretty much falling apart,  fish out the bones, skin and any other vegetables you added to flavor up the stock. They are spent and you want to add fresh veggies now and just cook enough to soften the carrots, squash, greens onions Etc….

This weeks box, like every weeks box always can make a great soup that can feed you and the family all week.
This weeks qualifiers for chicken soup would be..

green onion
cilantro “awesome in soup”
yellow squash
beet roots and greens
a little pink lemon squeezed in really livens up a chicken soup

Here is what you can expect in next weeks box..

Strawberries and Corn !!!!!

Thanks everyone. Have a great week

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