This Weeks Box 7/21/2012

The Farm At Blue Sky Ranch Is Raising The Salad Bar!!
Joyce and Janet are long time customers of our little CSA. They were out here for what you could call their yearly visit. We were looking at this sequence of 100 ft rows of chard, red lettuce and tomatoes “on the right”. We were appreciating how the chard and tomatoes are blatantly looking out for the fragile lettuce and protecting it from the heat of the sun. For any of you who have gardened, you know how hard it can be to grow non bitter lettuce in the heat of summer. I do actually set up rows with  the intention of protection like this, but this set really came together better than imagined.  I wish they came out like this every time. If you are wondering what the big deal is, here is an example..
If your a surfer, this is backdoor pipeline. If your a cancerian maternal type, think “womb”.  Carnivore? Milk fed leafy veal. Yes, I am stoked because I ate some for lunch. You should be too because it is in the box this week!
lettuce from the maternal womb tube plant canopy courtesy of cousin chard and big brother tomato 
heirloom potatoes “dug up today”
squash “mostly yellow fordhook zucchini”
slightly squished ichiban eggplant “there will be an explanation”
golden nugget tangerines
oro blanco grapefruit
bell peppers
a few jalapenos and a few anaheim peppers
 Ichiban Eggplant this morning. 
Before the accident.

Ichiban’s after the accident. 
some ichiban’s were actually harmed in this incident. And killed too.
We have some good recipes and we will post them Saturday after dropping off the boxes at the drop  sites.


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