This Weeks Box 4/21/12

Here’s the list……
large bunch of chard
1 broccoli head
baby carrots
1 bunch of young bok choy tied together
head of romaine lettuce
small bunch of young beets
 bag of spicy salad mix
                                                                three kinds of avocados                                                               “we made sure everyone got at least one of each variety of avocado”
pink lemons
lemon thyme
sample of kohlrabi
Well, the salad mix made it into the box this week!!
This crop of Kohlrabi got it’s but kicked from seed to harvest. I am surprised that we had anything to harvest at all. We did manage to put one or two in the box. There is not enough meat on these to do any of the recipes we have posted in the past. I can say that they are great just cut into sticks and served like Jicama with a little lemon or chopped and spread on a salad.
The tangelos are getting pretty awesome. The tart edge is almost gone and the sweetness is really starting to come out.
Sauteed Baby Beets and Carrots with Lemon Thyme
Clean and cut the greens of the carrots
Slice the carrots in half long wise
Clean the beets and leave the greens on
Slice the beets in half long wise so that you end up with two symmetrical beet halves with greens on.
Heat up a skillet and add some olive oil.
Drop in the cut veggies, a pinch of fresh lemon thyme and stir every minute or so and cover in between.
Should cook 5-7 minutes and take off the heat and serve next to Quinoa, rice, potatoes or pasta.
If you are a fan of presentation, you might cook the carrots separate as the beets will basically turn them red.

Herb, Chard, and Feta Soup
Herb Chard and Feta Soup from Bon
Baby Bok Choy and Avocado Salad Recipe

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